** New Product Release** AMS Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII/VIII/IX Dry Sump System

AMS Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII/VIII/IX Dry Sump System

The AMS EVO VII/VIII/IX Dry Sump System is designed to prevent oil starvation, lower oil temperatures and add oil capacity all while freeing up horsepower. The failing point of most traditional “wet sump” oiling systems is the risk of oil starvation due to oil slosh during racing conditions. Under the sustained g-forces of racing oil can be pushed to one side of the pan causing vital engine components to be starved of oil. The AMS Dry Sump System helps prevent this by providing constant oil pressure throughout the engine despite driving conditions. This not only aids in motor longevity but also frees up horse power by removing oil from the pan where it can create drag on the crankshaft.

The AMS Dry Sump System eliminates the oil in the pan by using a remotely mounted tank, increasing oil capacity and providing better cooling. The improved scavenging of the Moroso oil pump increases vacuum created in the oil pan allowing for better piston ring seal and provides a constant supply of oil under any condition. There is a reason why most high end sports cars now offer a dry sump oiling system from the factory. While a dry sump system may be more costly than traditional wet sump oil systems it simply performs better!


  • Remotely mounted oil tank for increased oil capacity
  • No more oil slosh leading to the oil starvation or aeration
  • Insures steady oil pressure under the harshest of racing conditions
  • Maximizes horsepower by removing oil from the pan which prevents windage
  • Adjustable oil pressure output
  • Improves oil scavenging
  • Increase pan vacuum leads to better piston ring sealing
  • True three stage pump
  • Improved oil and engine cooling due to the externally mounted tank
  • Eliminates the chance of oil pump failure by removing the stock pump
  • Allows for easy mounting of oil coolers and external filters
  • Better overall weight distribution due to remote mounting of oil reservoir

Kit Includes

  • Custom sheet metal oil pan and scraper
  • Aluminum CNC bracket to mount the pump in the existing A/C location
  • True three stage oil pump
  • Custom CNC pump drive pulley/mandrel
  • External oil filter
  • All necessary installation hardware (oil lines sold separately)
  • Detailed installation instructions
  • Oil tank / reservoir


  • TIG welded 6061 aluminum constructed oil pan
  • Moroso manufactured three stage oil sump designed specifically for AMS
  • 6 quart oil capacity
  • CNC 6061 aluminum drive pulley/mandrel and oil pump bracket


  • Mitsubishi Evolution 7, 8, 9 Models
  • Fits all USDM, JDM and European Models

Please Note:

  • Not recommended for street use
  • A/C must be removed for installation
  • Since every installation of the oil tank will be custom this kit is sold without oil lines.  AMS recommends the user fit the tank where he deems fit then measure for the proper lines and fittings.
  • We offer all necessary fittings and lines separately on our website which can be found here.

The product can be purchased here.

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