AMS NOS Energy Drink Time Attack EVO X Wins Redline Time Attack in Englishtown!


AMS Performance travelled east for the 7th race in the Redline Time Attack Series.  Englishtown is host to a short 1.35 mile technical road course that is quite different than what the team is used to. The track is relatively new but it’s known for its bumpy surface and rough transitions.

Saturday’s practice started with a slight drizzle that turned into a heavy downpour.  The weather for Sunday was looking good with sunny skies in the forecast so practice was abandoned as there was nothing to be gained from running the wet conditions. The rain continued into the night but as the weathermen predicted Sunday morning brought clear skies.



The team opted from running its traditional aero package as the front splitter would be damaged by the rough track conditions. The first practice session went well but after a few laps Mark Daddio brought the car in complaining of a loss in power steering.  A quick diagnosis revealed a ruptured high pressure power steering line.  The team moved into action and found a quick fix by splicing the line with a barbed hose fitting.

In the second practice session the line developed a leak again and the team found that the high pressure line was too much for the fixed connection. It was a risk to run the car because losing the line meant an oil leak that would get on the track and rear tires along with a loss of power steering. This already caused a pucker moment when Mark lost the line coming out of a corner and had to fight a sliding car without power assist. The team knew that the AMS/NOS Energy Drink EVO X only had a limited run time to set a fast lap in competition.

Daddio went out on the first hot lap of competition and put a safe but quick 1:07 lap into the books to secure 1st place in Unlimited AWD Class and Overall Grand Champion. Good thing as on the second lap the power steering leak developed and eventually completely let go again. Congrats to the efforts of the team and the outstanding products that make the AMS/NOS Energy Drink EVO X run. Everything from the Exedy twin metallic clutch and JRZ race dampers, to the BFGoodRich tires that ultimately hold us to the road, worked perfectly.

This was the 3rd class win for the AMS/NOS Energy Drink EVO X and they’re heading into the last two races leading the Unlimited AWD class championship by 23 points! The team looks forward to the next event which is held at a great track located an hour outside of Las Vegas, Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch. This high profile event will feature the fastest teams in the nation pushing for victory and trying to clinch class championships.

AMS would like to thank our generous sponsors whom without their support TA-X would not be possible:

– Aeromotions
– BF Goodrich
– Child Rescue Network
– Exedy
– JE Pistons
– JRZ Suspension
– Manley
– Mishimoto
– Mitsubishi Motors USA
– NOS Energy Drink
– Precision Turbo
– Prototype Composites
– Status
– StickerDude
– Vibrant Performance

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