AMS to build a 1000plus Wheel HP GT-R!

Many of you are familiar with our shop and some of the accomplishments that we have been a part of. Our most notable is most likely our Drag EVO VIII that produces over 1142 AWHP on just race gas and no nitrous (see video below). Well not a day goes by that we don’t get requests to build a monster to rival that in each of the markets we deal in. The fact of the matter is that building a car like that is not just expensive but very time consuming. We would much rather work with a customer and partner up to build such a car so that not only are we doing something previously not done but putting a BIG SMILE on a customers face in the process. Thanks to our favorite Admin Chuck H and NAGTROC that is now a reality!

Chuck and AMS have been in talks for a couple months now on working together on the mother of all GT-R builds. Well after a meeting at SEMA this is now a reality. A transport is literally as we speak on its way to pick up chucks car for one HELL of a GT-R build. The goal is nothing less than 1000whp and hopefully quite a bit more. using the resources of our 20,000 square foot facility and our 30 staff members we are going to put the screws to Chucks GT-R over the winter and produce a car worthy to stand toe to toe to just about any GT-R out there.

The preliminary plans are to use our engineering resources to build a custom Twin turbo kit carrying two of our larger Garret Framed Turbo’s like the 750R, 850R or 950R. This is a very time consuming and detailed process but in the end we will have not only created a solid turbo kit for Chuck car but as a result a solid twin turbo kit to sell to the GT-R market.

The motor will be addressed too getting the full treatment including sleeving and improving / replacing the entire rotating assembly. We have years of experience building engines. Our motors not only hold great amounts of power but more importantly LAST!! Our Time attack racing EVO VIII Engine so far has held up to over 4 years of full time Track abuse. Our EVO X sleeved motor so far has not only gone a whole season on the same engine but won the Redline time attack Modified AWD Championship!

Evo Sleeved block file photos

The big questing you all may be asking of course is transmission….what are we going to do?. Well thanks to the efforts of sponsors and companies we have worked with for years we are WELL underway in sorting out a solid transmission and clutch solution. They are still in the R&D process but this facilities capabilities are nothing short of astonishing and their budget will assist them in not only getting it done but getting it done RIGHT!

The best part of this build is that we will be documenting the process every step of the way. This is not only to keep you up to date on this great build but to show some behind the scenes footage of how AMS works and how capable we are of working on and producing parts for your car. So stay tuned to this thread and get ready for one hell of show smile.gif

AMS Drag EVO 8.42 second pass for reference

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