Team AMS/NOS Energy Drink Wins The Redline Time Attack Unlimited AWD Championship!!!

Team AMS/NOS Energy Drink Wins The Redline Time Attack Unlimited AWD Championship!!!

November 15, 2009
Auto Club Speedway, CA

The AMS NOS Energy Drink Time Attack EVO X rose from the ashes for the Redline Time Attack Finals, literally. Only a few days before the event the car was involved in a fiery mishap that burnt the engine bay and did some serious damage. A high pressure power steering line ruptured and sprayed the hot exhaust manifold with fluid causing a small fire.

The team assessed the damage and spent two days working almost around the clock at the World Motorsports facility in Torrance,California to bring the car back online. With military like precision the team repaired every critical system on the car, from electrical systems to hydraulic, oiling, and even suspension components. Bryan Hise from JRZ disappeared with a front shock only to be back an hour later with a rebuilt and repaired remote reservoir and line. “Thanks to a huge effort from our crew of Justin, Ivan, and Rich, Bryan from JRZ and the generosity of Chris Rado allowing us to utilize his facilities we were able to pull off a miracle.” said team owner Martin Musial.

The team rolled up Friday night to the Auto Club Speedway with everyone surprised that the car was back in running condition. Saturday consisted of practice session to give the teams time to adjust their chassis, aero, and engine tune for the high speed track. Auto Club speedway is a fast track that favors cars with high horsepower. Team AMS NOS Energy Drink knew they had the power to come out on top. With about 800 horsepower the prediction was that the car would reach top speeds of over 180mph! Saturday practice went well with the team posting one of the fastest times of the day.

Sunday was race day and the team went out during the first session on fresh BFG slicks to give them the advantage of stickier tires and ramped up the boost for more power. Driver, Paul Gerrard, laid down an ultra fast 1:36.23 time that was 2 seconds faster than the next competitor and a new track record for Redline Time Attack. A data check after the run showed a top speed of 188 mph on the track! This time was to be the quickest for the Unlimited AWD class for the day, securing team AMS/NOS Energy Drink a first place finish and locking in the 2009 Unlimited AWD Championship.

The 2009 racing season proved to be very successful for team AMS/NOS Energy Drink. What started out as a brand new car with no development time, turned into a race winning machine bringing home 5 first place finishes and the coveted 2009 Redline Time Attack Unlimited AWD Championship. “Thanks to all of our sponsors and huge fan base, this has been a wonderful year, let’s win it again in 2010!” exclaimed Musial

Redline Time Attack is going under major improvement for the 2010 season with veteran race director Jackson Stewart joining the team. Wider media coverage and a professional approach to the organization promise all our marketing partners and fans a better and bigger season.

AMS would like to take time out to thank our generous sponsors whom without their support TA-X would not be possible:

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