*AMS Product Release* AMS Hyundai Genesis Coupe Delrin Shift Knob

AMS Hyundai Genesis Coupe Delrin Shift Knob

Introducing our very own Hyundai Genesis shift knob. The design of our knob extends the length of the shifter which not only aids in shifting throw but also keeps the knob closer to the drivers hands while road racing. Also our shift knob is made of Delrin which will not only wear well but will not transfer heat as much as your typical aftermarket shift knob.


  • Extended length aids in shifter throw
  • Made of Delrin for improved grip and low heat transfer
  • Available with or without the AMS logo

Kit Includes

  • Shift Knob


  • Delrin material (Polyoxymethylene)


  • 2010 + Hyundai Genesis Coupe
  • Any car with a M10x1.25 threaded shift knob


  • .434 Pounds / 197 Grams

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