Since I am on a budget I decided to stick with a stock Chevy LQ4 long block for my Hearse.  The engine only has 18k on it so I am hoping this engine will last me the 2010 season.  I turned to our friend Larry Hamilton at Speed Inc. in Schaumburg IL. for advice on some improvements to my LQ4 engine.

Larry suggested a set of GM metal head gaskets and ARP head studs be installed.  While the heads were off he also suggested a set valve springs, a stock Z06 camshaft and an LS6 intake manifold to top it off.  To make cam swaps easier in the future we added an Edelbrock 2 piece timing chain cover

Since we were changing the intake manifold there were some clearance issues with water pump.  To solve this problem I turned to Speartech for their idler pulley relocation kit.  After trimming the power steering pump bracket and installing their idler relocation kit the clearance problem was solved.

For clearance we made custom brackets and wires to tuck the coils out of the way

Last thing we had to accomplish on the engine is the modified oil pan and pick up from Street & Performance.

Stay tuned for the next installment when we will install the engine and transmission.

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