We are not much for making a piece unless we can make it better. Making a carbon component for looks just isn’t our thing. Typically OEM roofs have a decent amount of weight in them. This is the WORST place to have weight in a car. Our new 100% Carbon Fiber roof not only reduces weight by almost 9 lbs but it looks damn good in the process.

This is not your typical carbon piece that is backed with fiberglass or merely has a carbon fiber shell. This is a Race car grade item, made by the same composite company that builds components for ALMS Race teams. 100% carbon fiber in multiple layers. 2×2 weave

We have not done a full install as we are waiting for Chuck’s cage to be done but I did lay it on the roof skeleton to give everyone a good idea of the look.

Any good body shop should be able to perform the install in roughly 8-10 hours

Retail will be $2500.00 for this item and I will have units to ship in roughly one week smile.gif

Enjoy the pics!

The small square shape is the mark for the factory antennae

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