AMS EVO X sets new World Record at 782 whp **Video Inside**

Not too long ago we were able to make 746 whp on our old shop EVO X using the factory ECU. The car was purchased by a customer of ours from Panama but before he took it home he asked us to make a few changes as he wanted to run the car at the drag strip.

To reduce some rotating mass we changed to a lighter wheel and tire combo and added our lightweight front brake kit. In addition he decided to remove the high flow cat that was on the car during the 746whp pass.

The results were GREAT!

782WHP and 628 FT/LBS of Torque!!!! Reclaiming the title of the World’s Highest HP EVO X.

This was all done on the STOCK ECU and some quality AMS parts like:

AMS 900X Prototype Turbo Kit
AMS 2.2 Liter Shortblock
AMS Intercooler
AMS Intercooler Piping
AMS Intake Pipe
AMS Fuel System
AMS tuned STOCK ECU!!!

Fuel: Q16
Boost: 37 psi peak

The power band is just as impressive too! Just take a look at the graph!

For those interested in doing the same to their own EVO X will be offering this setup as well. Look for The AMS 900X package coming soon.

AMS 900X Package Dyno Run

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