VIDEO: AMS EVO X 10.1 Seconds! Now the worlds quickest and highest Hp EVO X!

The record has fallen yet again!

Eric Jones previously ran a 10.5 in our customers White EVO X with an ignition issue. Well this past weekend the owner of the car George Sin decided to toss some new plugs in it and take advantage of that newly installed AMS lightweight drag brake it and tune. He installed a set of 16″ track lite wheels and some Hoosier slicks and let her rip!

The end results was a 10.1 @ 135 mph and a best trap speed of the day at 137mph. The trap speed does not really match the 782whp dyno chart but keep in mind this is with the stock EVO X gear box and final drive. Once we get that shep trans final drive installed you can expect a lower time and higher trap speeds. The stock Final drive causes a very severe drop in rpm in the required shift from 4th to 5th. A shift that will not be required with the new Sheptrans final drive

The car is powered by our AMS 900X package, a power plant born from our record setting championship Time Attack EVO X.

Here is a link to George’s car profile on our site.

A special thanks to Fast Ferdnand from King’s performance for his superb driving. Even Eric Jones applauded your driving effort. NICE JOB!!!!

Another thanks to George for pushing us to make one of the best all around EVO X’s to date and now the worlds quickest!!!

I better get this video up before George goes off and breaks his record yet again as since this run George has decided to install the new final drive and take some weight out now to try and be the first EVO X in the 9’s.

Thanks to some video sent in by George Rich and Brian here at the shop were able to put together a nice video of George’s record setting run.

And here is the record setting time slip!

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