AMS / Tillett Carbon Fiber Seats…teaser shots!

Recently we started a search for a super light high quality seat for our GT-R. The stock seats are TANKS weighing in at over 60lbs a seat. By swapping in a nice lightweight seat set we knew we could knock a substantial amount of weight off the GT-R.

Our search put us smack dab in the hands of Tillett UK. Tillett has been making high quality kart seats for years. Some say they are the best kart seat manufacturer in the world. When asked to make a seat for the Caterham Tillett was contacted. The result was an innovative but LIGHT car seat that carried much of what people love about kart seats. From there Tillett then worked up a few more models of seats.

Here we have the B1 in carbon fiber. Weighing in at only 9lbs this seat has the potential so save close to 100lbs off the GT-R simply by replacing the driver and passenger seat.

Now the Tillett line is not really plug and play so the fabricators here at AMS will be making some very nice, safe and strong seat brackets and sliders for the R35 crowd. Tillett will not sell direct but we went ahead and became dealers for their products so please feel free to ask any questions you might have.

Stay tuned for more updates and pricing as brackets are worked up smile.gif

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