The AMS GT-R SR series Turbo kit is really starting to take shape now. With custom silicone now here and attached the kit is almost ready for testing.

In the pictures below you will see much of what won’t be visable in the car. This setup is what will go on Tim sanders GT-R. Chucks will be a little larger.

Also the Compressor outlet pipe for Chuck and Tim’s car will be hand welded as is seen in the pics but the production kits will have a casted aluminum piece in its place with a smoother transition and more OEM like fit and finish.

With all of this done the next step is to finish the oil and water lines and drop the engine back in the car. From there we can finish the downpipes and finally get Tim’s car on the dyno!

I can’t wait to hear what these turbo’s are going to sound like with that intake pipe on there smile.gif

I love this viewpoint! You can really see the size of these turbo’s from this angle.

Keep in mind in the below picture that intake pipe is unfinished. We merely had a pipe in there for clearance reasons. The final version will of course be all the way to the front of the car.

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