AMS Scores A 1-2 Finish At The Super Lap Battle Finals (Part 1 of 2)

AMS 900X Mitsubishi EVO X At The Super Lap Battle Finals


A couple weeks prior to their trip out west, AMS outfitted their newly acquired 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X with the AMS 900X Package. The only difference from the standard 900X was a new, experimental AMS 2.3 big-bore engine that spooled the 900X turbo even faster and produced greater torque. To feed the new engine, AMS chose a set of Injector Dynamics 2000cc/min injectors which are able to support over 1500hp while providing the idle quality of stock injectors. The newest offering from Kelford Cams for the EVO X allowed the Mitsubishi 4B11 to produce big power at 8,500 RPM -providing a power band of over 4000 rpm! This combination made over 700hp and 500 ft-lbs of torque on a conservative Time Attack tune!In addition to the power modifications, AMS worked with JRZ Suspension – trying out their new RS1 monotube single adjustable street dampers. This new package really worked well and is an entry-level addition to JRZ’s line of ultra high-end suspension dampers. This affordable new creation from JRZ really proved itself far from “entry-level”!

To take advantage of the JRZ’s, AMS installed Whiteline swaybars and bushings to enhance the package. In addition Whiteline end links and camber bars were utilized along with AMS’ own line of racing grade parts like their Roll Center Adjustment and Bump Steer Kits. This mix of suspension components was a winning formula and allowed for critical alignment adjustments that were key to AMS’ success.

A set of lightweight 18” x 10.5” Enkei PF-01’s were shod with Continental’s new 285mm wide ExtremeContact DW’s. Weight reduction was minimized to keep the car truly a daily drivable street car. A set of lightweight Buddy Club seats and a Seibon carbon hood and trunk lid trimmed around 75lbs from the car.

The weather at Buttonwillow California was beautiful and AMS President, Martin Musial eagerly set the fastest lap time in the morning practice session for the Street Class. The new gear ratios in the Shepherd-built transmission worked perfectly for track duty – extending all the gears and moving 5th gear closer to 4th. According to Martin, the new final drive ratio combined with the shorter 5th gear allowed him improved use of power where he needed it most and shaved a good amount off his lap times.

Martin ran his best time in the first of three sessions for the day, putting down a class record setting 1:55.8 lap time. This time was 0.1 second faster than second place which just happened to be the AMS Alpha 9 GT-R also driven by Musial! The AMS Mitsubishi 900X EVO X performed flawlessly all day. The Exedy triple plate clutch and Shepherd trans handled the high horsepower and 8000 rpm shift without a hitch. The debut of the new JRZ mono-tube dampers was a success along with the new Continental ExtremeContact DW’s proving themselves to be an incredibly quick street tire.

AMS would like to thank their sponsors for all their support and look for more records setting performances in next year’s race season.

Buddy Club
Continental Tires
Exedy USA
Enkei Wheels
Injector Dynamics
JRZ Suspension
Kelford Cams nz
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