Preliminary AMS ALPHA 12 Dyno testing….1100whp has been breached

Over the past few weeks we have been doing some ALPHA 12 testing on Tim Sanders GT-R at his request. The man REALLY likes power lol.

The major changes from the 10 to the 12 are the engine and the turbo kit itself. Tim’s car is now fitted with an AMS ALPHA 4.0 big bore engine and ALPHA 12 Turbo kit. The combination has proved to be pretty potent only spooling 150 rpm later than the ALPHA 10 package. The power….well it’s surprising even us. This is just preliminary testing on MS109E unleaded race gas. We also kept the RPM’s a little lower than we normally do to see how the kit is responding.

The result was an astonishing 1118WHP and 884 ft/lbs of Torque!

The scary thing is this kit is far from being maxed out. We have some more tuning and some more tricks up our sleeve but I think this is quite possibly the baddest power package for the GT-R YET!

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