AMS Street Class EVO X : Cam Testing and 700whp!

Just today we had a chance to test some new AMS spec camshafts in our street class EVO X. The car was baselined with kelford ‘B’ cams on the same tune that the car ran out at Buttonwillow and set the street class record with, narrowly beating our Shop GTR, both being piloted by AMS’s president Martin Musial.

The design goal for these cams was to make more power, while still being able to retain adequate drivability on the stock ECU. Major Modifications to the car are as follows:

AMS 2.3L motor with 10:1 compression ratio
AMS Prototype CNC head package w/ 1mm over valves
AMS Spec Camshafts
AMS 900x turbo kit @ 33 psi
AMS Single exit 3″ exhaust
AMS Custom paralell fuel pump system
AMS Fuel rail
ID 2000cc injectors @ 72% IDC
ECU controlled boost, single bottom port WG solenoid

Here you can see the results from our cam testing. These cams are available now. There are no losses on the bottom end, and it makes about 25more hp up top with 1 lb LESS BOOST! These cams are good for an easy 30-35whp over the already awesome B cams.

I had some extra time on the dyno today, and since the car already had MS109E fuel in it, I figured I’d turn it up a bit after the cam testing was done to see what it would do. This is by no means the most power it will make. There is ALOT of tweaking left over in it. This is only about 32psi at redline. It is making peak power at an astounding 8700rpm!

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