AMS Performance World Challenge GT Nissan GT-R build update # 18

It’s update time! The car is literally hours away from firing up but I wanted to get you guys a few more pictures of the progress we have made over the past few weeks.

First was the fuel system upgrade / reinforcement complete with upgraded lines, filter and fuel test port per WC Rules

Nest up is our upgraded oil cooler that was designed to work in conjunction with the factory unit adding a much larger and more efficient Derale core

Another World Challenge rule requires the addition of a Race keeper data acquisition system so officials can monitor the vehicles competing. Here you can see the roof mounted camera, interior camera and the system itself

More carbon work as we finish up the Carbon door panels. Justin did a great job on these!

Eric Jones really outdid himself on the S.P.A. fire suppression system switch box install. SUPER CLEAN!

To keep temps down in the cabin for the driver we added some much needed heat protection on the underside of the car.

And now it time for the power mods. The motor is all put together complete with AMS ALPHA 9 Turbos and Coated Downpipes.

As I said earlier she should be ready to fire up tonight and we will be one step closer to start track testing.?

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