AMS NEW EVO VII-IX Cast V-band turbo kit… teaser pics

AMS has been busy the past couple of years making new products for a wide variety of cars but we have not forgotten our EVO customers.

When initially designing our current EVO Turbo kit we never dreamed turbo technology would take us to where we are at today. Our 5 bolt turbine housing while offering a responsive / quick spooling setup has become a limitation on the larger frame T3 turbos. This mindset has now birthed the newest generation of AMS EVO VII-IX turbo kit.

This new kit improves just about every area of our already power potent turbo kit. The larger diameter runners allow for even more HP. The header is over 75% cast allowing not only a stronger setup but one that allows for an even more efficient design. The wastegate is now located on the manifold allowing us to open up the kit to latest of precision turbo offerings. Being built around the V-band turbine housing means no more gaskets and a clean cast V-band O2 housing.

In the end the entire kit has been reworked using the engineering and insight acquired from our 10 years of forced induction experience. Quite possibly the best part is the target cost of the kit is no higher than our current kit!  The new kit should have an official release in around 6 weeks. We will keep you posted with pricing and details as it becomes available.

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