9.0@166mph, 3.46 60-130 and 1318whp! ALPHA 12 goes testing, It was a good day for the ALPHA 12.

As many of you know we have been working the VR38 motor program with the recent issues of the Nissan block cracking under extreme HP / Cylinder pressures . Our engineers and technicians have been hard at work and developed a new way to reinforce the block. We wanted to test this new theory and really put the car through its paces. The only way we know how to do that is to abuse it on the dyno and the track!

Last night we strapped the revised ALPHA 12 package to the dyno. The test vehicle was our own 2009 Nissan GT-R. Chris began tuning and the numbers just kept getting higher and higher. The final result was a Whopping 1318WHP at only 35 psi of boost!
The dyno only tells so much though. We wanted to really put the package to the test so we loaded her up in the trailer and took her to the track where Ivan was instructed to put the HP to the test. Over the next 4 hours Ivan put down no less than 10 LOW 9 second passes all above the 160 mph mark. On every pass he reported traction was horrible. Still Ivan hot lapped her one pass after the other… over and over… 9.0, 9.0,9.1,9.0.. You get the idea.

The ALPHA 12 was making so much power it would not get 100% traction until 5th gear!!! To make matters worse the weather was horrible… High humidity and a heat index north of 90 degrees created a hot and greasy track. Even with these condition the ALPHA 12 was able to reset the worlds fastest and quickest GT-R with a best time of [email protected]!

If that wasn’t enough we checked the V-box time on that record pass and we improved our 60-130 time to 3.46 Seconds!!!!!!

All in all it was a great day. The ALPHA 12 was put through a 12 round prize fight and came out still swinging!

Below is the dyno chart from last nights session. Peak boost was 35 psi as it was run today. The car can run more boost but with traction being an issue we never had a chance to raise it.

I have also attached the time slip from the best pass at the track.

We are hoping to get her back to the track very soon once we can get some more favorable weather conditions. I will keep everyone posted!

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