AMS ALPHA 12 makes history, World’s FIRST 8 Second R35 GT-R

AMS ALPHA 12 makes history, World’s FIRST 8 Second R35 GT-R

History has been made! On Tuesday July 26th our AMS ALPHA 12 GT-R went back to the track with a little more favorable weather conditions. The result was the worlds first 8 second R35 GT-R!

Even with a poor 1.668 60 foot time, the ALPHA 12 driven by our own Special Projects Technician, Ivan Phipps, went [email protected] mph!

In addition, the 60-130 time record was broken again with a 3.34 second blast from 60-130mph!!  This makes the AMS Alpha 12 GT-R the fastest recorded street car to date from 60-130 mph!!!

Not bad for a true street car with air conditioning and all the other amenities of a GTR.  You can drive this car to the store or across the country!

There are so many people to thank for this and we REALLY hope we do not forget anyone.

Of course all of our sponsors, without your support this would of been much more difficult. Your parts put us over the top!

Cobb Tuning
Darton Sleeves
Dodson Motorsport
Exedy Clutch
Ferrea Racing Components
Injector Dynamics
JE Pistons
Kelford Cams
Manley Performance
Nissan Motorsports

Thank you to EVERYONE here at AMS! We are 30 plus strong and EVERYONE had a hand in making this happen. From Chris tuning the car and spending countless hours on the Dyno to Tim Salefski building the strongest GT-R engine available. Lets not forget the Engineers and Fabricators for making quite possibly the best performing parts on the planet! Ivan gets the gold star award though. Not only did he build the car, he strapped himself into the rocket and rode it down the 1320 to an 8 second pass.

We’d also like to thank our friends Tim Sanders, Andrew Hadeed and Habib from Rocket Science Racing for their support.

Lastly and most importantly all of our GT-R customers. We have been at this game for 10 years now building performance cars.  We have never been part of such a tight-knit group of enthusiasts.

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