AMS Alpha 12 GT-R: 9.61@149mph R35 Pump Gas Record

Friday May 4th 2012

We had the opportunity to take one of our ALPHA 12 GT-R's to the track for some testing. This particular ALPHA 12 had just come home from a very in depth media trip to California. In fact it still had its 91 octane tune loaded in. Our tuners Chris and Mitch along with special projects technician and driver Ivan Phipps drove 76 miles to Great Lakes Dragway in neighboring Wisconsin. After multiple 9 second passes by Chris Black, the keys were tossed to Ivan where he blasted off a 9.61@149mph. What makes this pass so impressive is that it was done on the lowest power setting available for the ALPHA 12 on its 91 octane map (for Calfornia Emissions.

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