Customer Built ALPHA 10 sets new ALPHA 10 1/4 mile record!

This past weekend, our customer, Mike Wads, threw down an incredible [email protected] ¼ mile pass in his Alpha 10 GT-R at the Import Showdown (an event hosted at the Silver Dollar Raceway in Reynolds, GA). Anyone following the GT-R knows that running such a low 9 second trap speed at close to 165mph is quite the accomplishment in itself, but what makes this feat more impressive is the fact that this was done in an Alpha 10 GT-R owned, built, custom tuned and operated by Mike himself.

For those who do not know Mike, he is a truly gifted privateer when it comes to racing. Over the past few years that he has owned his GT-R and Alpha 10 setup, Mike has made all the right decisions and revisions – maintaining pace with the most current technology while completing all the work on his own. The result is a GT-R running at the same competitive level as most shop GT-Rs and one that’s even striking at the heels of some larger turbo GT-Rs! We are proud to give credit where credit is due. Congratulations Mike! For everyone out there, here are the details: Untitled

9.070sec @ 164.35mph  Mike Wads
1.575 60′ (LC4);  1/8th = 5.989 @ 126.86mph
Alpha 10 kit, 3.8L (Built bottom end only), E85 fuel, M&H DRs, Self Tuned
10/21/2012 @ Silver Dollar Raceway / est: 72° 1824′ DA

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