AMS/ALPHA Performance Engineering update: Carbon Fiber Intake Manifold

As we spoke of earlier about our billet block we wanted to shed some light on our upcoming GT-R Intake manifold. While our current manifold works and works well we knew it was somewhat of a compromise compared to what we are capable of. Rather than not have an option we choose to offer our customers our current intake manifold while we finished up our production unit. Here is a sneak peek at our soon to be released ALPHA Carbon Intake Manifold:

As you can see our engineers have put quite a bit of thought into this new model. The most notable attribute is the carbon fiber intake plenums.

While it does look quite attractive all features are based on function first. Make no mistake this manifold was designed from the ground up to be the best performing manifold on the market.

We will leave the specs and full details on the new manifold for the full product release about 5 months down the road. We will say though that our goal is to have this unit priced competitively with the intakes on the market now. Thanks for reading!

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