AMS Product Release: AMS 02+ Subaru STI/XWRX Tuner Turbo Kit

AMS 02+ Subaru STI/XWRX Tuner Turbo Kit

If you already own a Precision Turbo V-band turbocharger and would like to revise or design your own v-band turbo system, we now offer the AMS Subaru STI/WRX Turbo Tuner Kit to fit 2002-2007 STI/WRX and 2008+ STI/WRX models. This kit will provide you the key components essential to improving exhaust flow and maximizing the performance of your Precision Turbo V-band turbocharger. Such pieces include our cast stainless steel up-pipe with v-band flanges, 3” stainless steel downpipe and your choice of 3” stainless steel test or cat pipe. Also included is our stainless steel atmospheric dump tube and the necessary v-band clamps, fasteners and hardware to refresh your v-band turbo/exhaust system.

Cast Stainless Steel Up-Pipe

Like all products we offer, the AMS Subaru STI/WRX Tuner Kit was designed to provide the very best in performance. Implementing CAD and casting designs we are able to produce not only an extremely strong and reliable piece but one that is not limited to the restrictions of a hand-fabricated up-pipe. Smooth transitions, optimal pipe diameter, a super thick 5/8” flange, and solid construction make the up-pipe another key component to your Precision Turbo V-band turbocharger. Each kit is professionally fabricated at AMS with pride and each up-pipe proudly features the AMS logo along its side.

AMS Quality Downpipe

The downpipe for the AMS Subaru STI/WRX Tuner Kit features 3” diameter V-Band flange and 3” stainless steel tubing (.065” thick wall) for superior strength and optimal exhaust flow. Unlike many downpipes on the market, we also incorporate a high quality, stainless steel flex section for optimal flow- one that will not crack off or deteriorate under extreme pressure and harsh driving conditions.

Test Pipe or Cat Pipe Option

For added durability and to eliminate any possibility for exhaust restrictions, the same 3” diameter tubing and wall thickness carries on down to your choice of test pipe or cat pipe. The high flow cat pipe is available as an option for those requiring additional emissions control. The catalytic core will also handle extreme temperatures without cracking or deteriorating.

Every detail matters

To guarantee power and efficiency and to provide the most durable kit you can find, attention is given to even the slightest of details.  For instance, the wastegate port in our up-pipe is strategically placed for precise boost control. V-band flanges and high quality gaskets provide a secure seal throughout. A turbo support bracket prevents damage to your turbocharger due to shock and vibration and only the very best fasteners are used to join it all together.
Overall, it doesn’t matter if you are looking to produce 400 horsepower or 900 horsepower, the AMS Subaru STI/WRX Tuner Kit was designed to deliver you the best-performing, most trouble-free kit on the market.

Do it right the first time, order your AMS Subaru STI/WRX Turbo Tuner Kit today!

Exclusive Benefits

  • 304 stainless steel TIG welded construction
  • 5/8” up pipe flange to ensure proper seal
  • Bolts to any aftermarket header that fits the factory up-pipe
  • Downpipe fits AMS and most other aftermarket exhausts
  • Replacement stainless steel v-band clamps
  • Turbo support bracket to prevent damage caused by shock and vibration
  • Class 10.9 fasteners for reliability

Kit Includes

  • Cast stainless steel up-pipe
  • High flow stainless steel test pipe (can be swapped for optional cat pipe)
  • Stainless steel 3” downpipe with integrated flex section
  • Stainless steel atmospheric dump tube
  • High quality stainless steel v-band clamps
  • Stainless steel support bracket
  • 02 block-off bolt
  • High quality exhaust gaskets and fastening hardware


  • High flow catalytic converter pipe
  • 38mm or 44mm v-band wastegate flange


  • 2002-2007 STI/WRX and 2008+ STI/WRX (must choose in selection box below)
  • Fits all USDM and European left-hand drive models

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