Alpha Performance Auto Shift Box for R35 GT-R

Alpha R35 GT-R Auto Shift Box

Alpha R35 GT-R Auto Shift Box
As you modify your GT-R it can become difficult to time your shifts in manual mode due to the sheer power and quickness these cars can achieve. To solve this problem we developed the Alpha GT-R Auto Shift Box as preprogrammed shifting unit custom tailored to the specific RPM you want your GT-R to upshift.

Never Miss A Shift Again
While using the Auto Shift Box your GT-R will still retain use of the factory automatic mode and shift normally. When you select manual shifting and place it in “R” mode however the Auto Shift Box will shift your GT-R for you at your desired, preprogrammed shift point. This can be especially helpful if you desire to shift above the factory 8000 rpm tachometer or want more consistent results at the track.

Simple To Use and Install
Before the Auto Shift Box is shipped, one of our in-house tuners will preprogram the box to auto shift at your specified RPM. Installation is a snap, all you need to do is plug the unit into your OBD port, and hook up one wire using the supplied instruction diagram. No programming, no selecting, it’s ready to go when you hook it up!

Product Note
The Alpha Auto Shift Box can drain the battery over time. It is best to disconnect the unit when the car is not being driven.

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