Having the right wheel & tire setup for your R35 GT-R not only improves consistency and performance at the drag strip, it’s also one of the most important purchases you can make to ensure the safety of your GT-R’s expensive transmission and drivetrain. If you are serious about ¼ mile drag racing, it is certainly in your best interest to consider investing in a set of drag slicks for your GT-R.

Reduce Wheel Hop and Tire Slip

We developed our Alpha Performance R35 GT-R Drag Wheel & Tire Package to be a much better solution than other drag radial or street tire options previously available. By incorporating the soft, flexible side wall of the Hoosier D06 compound drag slick to your GT-R, you are increasing traction by reducing wheel hop. The taller, flexible side walls absorb the shock and stress that would otherwise be violently transferred from your GT-R’s chassis to the ground if you used a street tire or drag radial. Rather than bouncing up and down, each slick acts as a damper to help maintain more consistent and prolonged contact with the ground.

In addition, the stickier compound of the Hoosier D06 also helps your GT-R to reduce tire slip. This eliminates yet another potential variable that can hinder consistent performance when running down the track.

Save Your Prized Transmission From Wear & Tear

By reducing wheel hop, you are also significantly reducing wear and stress on your transmission and other drivetrain components. When the high level of power and torque from your GT-R is being applied to the ground during a full out launch, wheel hop often occurs on street tires and even drag radials. When this violent shaking occurs it wreaks havoc on your $20,000+ GR6 transmission! In addition, it subjects your axles, differentials and other drivetrain components to abuse – all of which can be significantly reduced with the Alpha Drag Wheel & Tire Package.

Substantially Reduce Rotating Mass

Each wheel & tire of this package weighs in at a super light 42lbs! When compared to the average stock wheel & tire combo, you are shedding over 20lbs of unsprung weight and rotating mass per corner. This is important because if the engine and drivetrain have less mass to get moving, it translates to quicker acceleration and better low end power, not to mention less chance for drivetrain breakage.

One of the Most Important Investments You Can Make

Considering all the advantages this wheel and tire combo offers, most racers would agree, it’s a track upgrade that shouldn’t be overlooked when making higher-than-stock horsepower and torque. The result you get with the Alpha Performance R35 GT-R Drag Wheel Package is improved 60ft times as well as more complete contact with the ground during launch, in between shifts and all the way down the drag strip. Ultimately, you will improve acceleration and braking, consistently lower ET’s and increase trap speeds when compared to a drag radial or street tire.

Massive Increase In Traction Without Reducing Braking Ability

When you choose the Alpha Wheel solution there is no need to sacrifice your braking capabilities. Often to run a smaller wheel with a slick you must reduce the size of your brakes to accommodate them. Seeing the incredible trap speeds your GT-R is capable of, reducing braking power is not an option! Each Alpha Wheel fits right over the factory brakes without any modification so you can rest assured you will be able to stop after that exhilarating quarter mile blast!

Alpha R35 GT-R Drag & Tire Package used on our 1/4 Mile world record Alpha Omega

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