Alpha 7 Performance Package Now Available for GT-R

The Alpha 7 Package for the Nissan R35 GT-R is designed for those who want to maximize output of the stock turbochargers. We found some enthusiasts are not ready to step into an Alpha 9 Package just yet, but want more power than an Alpha 6. After many requests to build a package to maximize the potential of the stock turbos we have decided to make the Alpha 7 an official package in our line up.

By freeing up exhaust flow with a properly tuned downpipe and exhaust system, increasing turbo efficiency with improved intakes and a larger intercooler and boosting fuel delivery, your GT-R’s potential is released. Couple that with improved cam timing characteristics and revised fueling maps inside the ECU and the Alpha 7 elevates your VR38?s output to 700HP and over 700TQ on 93 octane pump gas.
Alpha7 vs stock dyno

Check out the Alpha 7 page here for more information: Alpha 7

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