Alpha Omega Runs 207.56MPH at Texas Invitational

This past weekend, we finally had the opportunity to test our ALPHA OMEGA GT-R in her latest form. Over the winter, we upped the power with our new ALPHA 20 turbo system and increased traction with a new set of 15” drag radials and slicks. Since TX2K14 was rained out, and due to the frigid weather back in Chicago, the Texas Invitational (TI) would be our first time running the car on the new setup.
Drag Testing

For about a month, we had been planning a side trip to the drag strip last Friday evening for some testing before arriving at the TI event on Saturday. Our good friend Tony at T1 Race Development helped us set things up at Texas Motorplex. The AMS rig was supposed to arrive at the drag strip, and Ivan and Chris were to fly in early evening Friday to do some shakedown runs. With TI scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, it was going to be the only testing we could do before the event.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans. An incoming rain storm was forecasted for Sunday – forcing the TI staff to reschedule the event to Friday and Saturday. Thankfully, they did because sure enough it rained all day Sunday! Being that we are from Chicago and unable to leave sooner for Texas meant we would be running a tight schedule for the TI event. This made testing at the drag strip Friday night extra important.

Seeing this was not a private track rental, time was going to be limited and track prep questionable. We had hoped the track was going to grip, but sadly there were many cars on street tires and primarily diesel trucks running that night which put a big damper on traction. After a quick shakedown run with no launch, Ivan went out on a middle of the road boost map. Omega proved to be a little more than the track could handle that night as his 1320ft run turned into about 1450ft with Ivan attempting to keep her straight. Despite this, we were able to reset our trap speed record running an [email protected]. Knowing the track couldn’t handle the current boost level turning it up was obviously not an option. We decided to pack her up for TI the following day, two passes was all the testing we were going to get…

Texas Invitational

Saturday was our only day at TI. Having lost any attempt to speed index on Friday with the weather related schedule shift, we had but one chance to send Omega out to get a trap speed down and seed ourselves at the event. Running the same boost level as the night before, Ivan engaged the rolling anti-lag button in the start box and let her rip for the next 1500ft kicking up dust off the runway in the process. Traction was pretty remarkable and as he passed through the beams, the display lit up 207.56mph….the second fastest time of the entire event. This allowed us to take home the prize sponsored by Servelite IT Solutions for fastest automatic/DCT (non-manual) car!

With the call to the grid for eliminations less than 15 minutes away Ivan drove Omega back to the pits to cool her off. Upon popping the hood he noticed the catch can was no longer effective at this HP level for that length of a run. With the possibility of misting oil out of the breather tube, we knew we needed to reconfigure the catch can system. Unfortunately, there just wasn’t enough time to rectify the situation in time for grid so we missed our shot to compete.

Overall, we were pleased with how Omega performed for her first outing. Even though we’ve only made 3 runs, we’ve learned a great deal and plan to get back out as soon as the weather permits. A sincere thanks to Amar and his crew at TI for putting on a GREAT event. It’s honestly becoming one of my favorites. Everyone, no matter the car or shop they represented were all extremely kind, congratulatory and supportive. Also, we’d like to thank Tony and the crew at T1 for being so accommodating to us while in Texas. Tony’s ALPHA 20 is going to make some noise soon!

Congratulations are certainly in order for UGR for putting on a great showing. They supported so many cars at the event and were able to take home the trophy for the K.O.T.S event as well as the 6speed challenge. They made it look easy but knowing what goes into these cars and talking with Kevin, I know it was anything but.

T.I in the fall will be here before we know it and we can’t wait to get back out there and see what OMEGA can do !

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