Previously billed as the “GTR World Cup”, 2023 marks a new beginning as the now DCT World Cup broadens its appeal beyond just GTR racers. The AMS Race Team packed up a fleet of cars to head down to sunny Bradenton Florida to not just compete in the event, but to start off the 2023 racing season with some new personal bests.

— Dave Finally Gets His 6!
— Quickest and Fastest V10 On the Property
— ALPHA OMEGA Drag Huracan Resets Personal Best w/ a 7.30 @ 203 mph
— Personal Bests for V10 Cars with AMS TCU Calibration


ALPHA OMEGA Drag Huracan

Jordan Martin and the Prime Cuts Chop Shop team pulled out all the stops, piloting three different vehicles at the event. Eager to get the drag Huracan back out on track, Jordan sent the car on a blistering 7.30 @ 203 mph pass during qualifying, proving the power is there on the new build by besting his previous 7.33 @ 194 mph. This was not only a new personal best for the ALPHA OMEGA Drag Huracan, but it was the quickest and fastest pass of any V10 on the property that weekend.



Dave Rohrschneider has been racing and competing in motorsports for many years, being an accomplished trials bike rider in his younger days. Trading in his two wheels for four, Dave found a passion for the Nissan GTR of which he has owned multiple. After his father passed away, Dave decided to build an all-out racecar and gave it the name “Wally” as a tribute to him. The “ALPHA W” decals are a nod to that as well, with the letter W standing for his fathers name, Wally.

As the build progressed, a new goal was set – to run a 6 second quarter mile while still staying class legal for GTR68 (TX2k) and DCT Extreme (GTR/DCT World Cup). This meant that no additional weight could be taken out of the car, and that the 68mm turbos must remain in the “factory location”, severely limiting our options to increase the cars quarter mile performance. After years of attempts, tweaks, broken parts, and late-night repairs, Dave accomplished his goal and ran his 6 second pass with a 6.97 @ 209 mph.

7.068 – GTR World Cup 2020
7.043 – Hail Mary Derby 2020
7.070 – GTR World Cup 2021
7.070 – Hail Mary Derby 2021
7.032 – GTR World Cup 2022
7.064 – World Cup Finals 2022
7.030 – World Cup Finals 2022
6.979 – DCT World Cup 2023

“The winner ain’t the one with the fastest car. It’s the one who refuses to lose.” – Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

⏱ 0- 60mph: 1.48s
⏱ 60- 130mph: 1.80s
⏱ 100- 150mph: 1.54s
⏱ 100- 200mph: 3.99s
⏱ 1/4 mile: 6.97s
? Trap Speed: 209 MPH
? 2500 WHP


Trackside Support

Our AMS Race Team was working overtime in Florida, supporting a number of AMS built Huracans and GTRs for our clients. Parin Shah’s Chicago Motor Cars ALPHA 22x GTR ran in the GR6 Extreme class piloted by Jordan Martin, but was disqualified after it red lit at the line. Brooke Salmon in her ALPHA Princess GTR also had an excellent day of qualifying, but a driveline failure knocked her out of the competition. Still, an excellent showing for both Brooke and the CMC car!


DL800 TCU Calibrations

In addition to all the cars we raced in Florida, we supported a number of V10 cars with our AMS DL800 TCU Calibration. Similar to an ECU calibration, this cal file is loaded directly to the transmission control unit, manipulating a number of trans-specific systems. Our team is able to make improvements with the transmission’s torque holding capabilities, around-town drivability, and overall reliability by smoothing shifts and launches — reducing the likelihood of mechanical drivetrain failures like broken axles and shattered second gears. These TCU calibration files are not only available directly from AMS, but through select members of our Authorized Dealer network such as Tony Palo of T1 Race Development and Rob Harper of RobTuned. We’re proud to play a small but crucial part in the success of so many R8 and Huracan builds, with a number of customers reaching new personal bests at DCT World Cup.

  • T1 Race Development Audi R8 – 7.43 @ 200 mph
  • Rada Race Lab Audi R8 – 8.24 @ 173 mph
  • Cicio Performance Audi R8 – 7.99 @ 178 mph




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