Lars takes the AMS 2.3RR/GT42 and runs 9.36@152…ON E85!!!!

Our friend and Customer in Denmark continues to set the E85 bar. This Past Weekend Lars went 9.36@245 (152mph) in his EVO IX The car is also putting down 945 CRANK HP

ALL ON E85!!!!

Some of the larger components of Lars’ car are as follows:

AMS 2.3RR engine
AMS GT42R Turbo kit
AMS VSR Intake Manifold

If running that number on E85 isn’t enough he is only Running just over 36 PSI!!!!!

This car is really quite a feat, It is taking the 2.3RR farther then we ever anticipated it could go but it is really performing Flawlessly. This particular car is revving to 9100 RPM down the track on a motor with 2.3 Liters of displacement. I think its safe to say you can have your cake and eat it too!

Congratulations Lars! Its time to turn up the boost and hit that 8 sec mark you are looking for!

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