AMS steps up the connecting rod scene

AMS has teamed up with top fuel engine component manufacturer Bill Miller Engineering / BME to bring you the daddy of EVO Aluminum Rods!

Click here to read all about BME!

Tim, our AMS engine builder and shop manager has been working hand in hand with BME the past couple of months to design an Aluminum Rod to best anything on the market today. The result is just awesome!

These are made to fit into any 2g or EVO VIII and IX 2.0 or 2.1 application. Weighing in at only 455 Grams puts these guys at just at ONE pound a rod…THATS LIGHT! Combine that with the fact that the rod was built to AMS’ Specific Specifications and you have yourself the King of EVO connecting rods.

want 1000plus HP or just to really lighten up your rotating assembly….this is the rod set for you!

Retail on these guys will be: $739.95
and we have them IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP!

now on to the ooooh and ahhh section of our post:

Check our shopping cart later today to pick up your set!

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