AMS Races across the country in an EVO X!


100 Teams, 9 days, 3500 miles….1 goal, find America’s missing children!

This year AMS was asked to be a part of a really great cause. The Fireball run is a transcontinental adventure road rally focused on finding missing children. The Fireball Run is kind of like a high-end golf game; the goal is to solve clues, accomplish missions, accumulate points, HAVE FUN and FINISH!

There are some racing events along the way with some serious competition. Last year saw everything from Corvette’s to Lamborghini’s to Viper’s and even a Ford GT. There are 2 Autocross Events, a Time Attack, a Drag Race and a Police vs. Fireballers Challenge during the 9 day adventure.

Awards are given for overall winning scores as well as class winners. There are several “special” awards for any number of things… such as spirit, most fun, best dressed, big spender, and worst luck.

The most important task of the week’s events is to find missing children. Fireball Run has joined forces with The Child Rescue Network to use the rally’s massive media exposure to help locate America’s missing children. Each Fireball Run team is assigned a different missing child. The mission; distribute as many posters as possible along the 3500 mile journey from the Baton Rouge Louisiana to the finish line in Grand Rapids Michigan.

You too can assist in the recovery of America’s missing children and ultimately reunite them with their loving families by reviewing our missing children list, supporting your favorite team’s effort, and of course by donating to the Child Rescue Network.

AMS will be competing in our new graphite grey EVO X. The car will be outfitted with all of our off the shelf bolt on parts and a few other goodies. Martin, Tim and Frank will be taking on the daunting task of piloting this car across 3500 miles of American roads and spreading the word about our sponsored missing child.
This year’s Fireball Run has an 80’s theme. We are decking out our Mitsubishi EVO X in the full Top Gun theme we are known for. In additional we will have a full color decal of our missing child on the car.

AMS is extremely honored to be a part of this event and we are really excited to take our EVO X across the country with the other 99 teams. The roster is a pretty serious group with some really nice cars all with one goal in mind, to have fun and help get the word out about missing children.

Stay tuned for more updates from AMS in the fireball run on our racing blog at

For more information about The Fireball Run please visit
Wish us luck!


here are some pictures of our EVO X being build for Fireball Run:

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