Day 1: Leaving AMS HQ

Well today is the day the journey officially begins. Martin, Tim and Frank set off in the AMS EVO X along with Sticker dude in their Scion TC to Baton Rouge, LA. Here are some pics of this afternoons events and the beginning of their long but very worthwhile journey across the country!

Last Minute Tie Downs

Maverick barking orders from the flight deck

The Sticker Dude Scion TC ready to roll out with us

Just about ready to launch

Tim and Frank Hooking up our small trailer for the trip

“You’re Dangerous!”

Frank, Modeling as usual

“Systems Check, You are a go”

Justin wishing Martin and the guys a safe trip

Arne with our trio as they are about to strap in for the first 14 hour leg

Frank is such a sap!

The two cars off to Baton Rouge

Away they go

Best of luck and Safe Journey Gentleman. God Speed!

From here on out Martin, Tim and Frank will be uploading to the blog from the road. Be sure to follow their every move as they travel across the country racing the AMS EVO X all while spreading the word about missing children.

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