AMS Power Club open for registration

A couple years ago we started the AMS 9 Second Club to showcase our customers as they started dipping into the single digits. So many of our customers wanted to be featured but were not drag racing their 600+ whp AMS monsters. We have built so may 600+ whp, 9 second capable cars but most of our customers prefer to enjoy their cars on the street instead of the drag strip so we decided to change the program for them.

Most of our customers don’t want to put in roll cages and the necessary safety equipment required to run 9 second times. Some of our customers like to street race their cars and don’t want to make their times public. To accommodate our customers who are not interested in drag racing at the track we renamed the “AMS 9 Second Club” the “AMS Power Club” earlier this year.

Although the AMS Power Club has been active on the front page of our site all year we have never made a public post about it. We finally updated the list and would like to open the AMS Power Club to the public.

The requirements of the AMS Power Club are simple.

1. you need to have 2 of the 3 following mods:

  • AMS Engine
  • AMS Turbo Kit
  • AMS VSR Intake Manifold

2. you need to make over 600 whp or have a nine second time slip.

If you meet the requirements and would like to join the AMS Power Club please send high res pictures, a dyno sheet and a modification list to [email protected].

All members will receive an exclusive members only AMS Power Club T-shirt, stickers and a picture of their car on the front page of our website.

Here is our updated member list of the AMS Power Club:

Here are the partially completed AMS Power Club pictures:

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