AMS Reliability: 10K Racing Miles, 3 Seasons, 8 Wins and 4th Place at the Runoffs

Several people have asked what im doing to the car this off season so I figured Id make a quick post. First, thanks to the evo community for supporting CJ and me this year, its great having you guys behind us. The scca is going to restrict us again this year with another 30hp restrictor, this will be 60hp in two years they are pulling from us. They are going to give us more spring rate, front and rear sway bars and 9 inch rims and 275 tires. For Heartland Park Topeka (home of the past 3 runoffs) I think it would be a good deal for us, but the next three years are at Road America so Im not so sure, I think Id rather have the power.

So to kick off the tweaking, I drove the car to AMS this week, thats 1500 miles round trip and its crazy cold here! I guess its kinda cool that the evo can still be street legal and make this kind of trip!! I was gonna trailer it but I figured Id be better driving in the snow than towing it on my trailer. The car ran beautifully. Id like to add that Im extremely impressed that my IX now has over 17k on it, mostly track miles and the engine has never been touched, thats some great tuning!!

So AMS is going to put the sways on and retune the car with the restrictor and other general tweaks to get her ready for next season. Ill be ordering the springs and new wheels and tires soon. I also have to get some of the minor body damage fixed, if anyone knows of a deal deal on this please let me know.

So thanks to the AMS for another great season where we ended up winning the SCCA’s NE Division with 5 first place finishes and placed 4th in the Runoffs. I’m psyched that the next Runoffs is at Road America which is only a short drive from AMS!!

In closing, if you want a great tune that gives you both power and reliabilty, I think my car with over 10k track miles and 17k overall miles, speaks volumes for the quality of an AMS tune as well as the SCCA “approved” parts and outstanding service they provide.

Thank you, Marty

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