800whp on a T3 turbo?! AMS Dyno Results and SICK power inside!!!

We have been doing ALOT of testing here at AMS with different combinations of wheels, exhaust housings, headers, center sections, cams and headers to produce yet another mind blowing turbo selection.

This turbo is a T3 flange, with a .82 a/r housing! It utilizes a billet compressor wheel for maximum flow potential.

We have completely sucked dry a set of 1200cc injectors at 60psi base fuel pressure and they are running a reported duty cycle of 114%
All of this at only 8500 RPMS on a built motor designed to Rev out to 9500!!

As you can see in the power curve the maximum horsepower is made at the same point where the run ends… This thing will be a serious quarter mile BEAST!

Soon I will get the car back on the dyno with a set of 1600’s and we will really see what this thing can do!

For now, check out this amazing power curve that just doesn’t quit!

Run was done @ 40psi max

Some parts that play a big role in this as well are:

AMS VSR intake manifold
AMS built 2.0L
AMS Secret Sauce Turbo Kit

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