Product Release!! AMS Weldon Fuel Pump Bracket, Universal

From our experience at the shop the Weldon fuel pumps are the best on the market, the only downfall to their ability to supply fuel for gobs of horsepower is how noisy they are.

The AMS Weldon fuel pump bracket is the best solution out there to mount a Weldon fuel pump to any car. We have tried many different installation techniques for the noisy Weldon fuel pumps and this hands down is the most solid and quiet mount available.

This mount will work with most Weldon fuel pumps including the 2015-A and 2025-A.


More information here.

We also are now selling the fuel pumps themselves..

The 2015-A is a great pump for those making up to around 800 whp. It is available here.

The 2025-A is good for over 1000 whp. It is available here.

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