AMS Downpipe development, 90mm dowpipes!

Well Most of you have been following our thread about our exhaust development for the GT-R. In our efforts to make the highest flowing tubroback exhaust system made for the GT-R we decided to up the ante a bit.

In our previous thread that you can view HERE we talked about out new 75mm downpipes…well we wanted to go bigger. here you can see our side by side from our old design to the new one with 90mm Primary sections!!!! they are HUGE!! Keep in mind the white ends are done in a 3D printer so we can check fitment before having them cast. This will enable us to run either a straight section of pipe or a cat in the downpipe depending on what the customer wants.

Check out the before and after pics….again in person they are just MASSIVE!

These are about three months away from release and pricing is not yet established.

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