The “official” Genesis Coupe weight thread by AMS

As with all our development cars, we like to keep good notes on what things weigh and where we can save weight. I am going to try to keep all the recorded weights in one place and figured I would share this information with everybody.

I will regularly update this thread with weights as I get them. Feel free to post up any weights you may have and I can add those to this original post.

Today after work, I got out our Longacre corner weight scales and loaded the Coupe on it. I did not laser level the scales as we do for actual corner weighting but the area I used has been tested to be pretty flat. The corner numbers might vary a bit but the overall number is accurate.

This is the weight of my 2.0T Track Edition with floor mats and an iPod cable. Weight was taking with 5/8 tank of gas and as delivered from the dealership (owners manual in the glove box and spare / jack still in place)

Overall weight 3352 lbs

Left 1689 lbs 50.4%
Rear 1537 lbs 45.8%
Cross 1688 lbs 50.4% (changes to 50.1% when I am in the drivers seat)

FL 908 lbs FR 908 lbs
RL 781 lbs RR 756 lbs

Track edition 19″ wheels and tires with 100% tread

Front 55.0 lbs
Rear 57.4 lbs

Front crash beam 18.4 lbs

Jack 4.2 lbs

Lug wrench and jack handle 1.4 lbs

Tow hook 1.2 lbs

Spare tire (18″) 31.5 lbs

Battery 38 lbs

Battery hold down .2 lbs

Battery tray 1.6 lbs

Intake silencer .6 lbs.

Front crash beam 18.4 lbs.

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