AMS EVO X Track car buildup IN ONLY 10 WEEKS!!!

Here is the latest:

Back from the body shop with a freshly painted roll cage

AMS build engine awaiting installation

Ivo installing the EXEDY clutch…

engine back in the car

Seibon CF FTW!

Ivo installing the AMS lightweight battery kit

1st start!

Interior going back together

Here are some pics form the latest progress on the build:

The interior going back together

Ivan preparing the AMS CF roof for installation

The car prepped for the CF roof install

Enkei wheels ready to go on the car

The new AMS rear tow link kit installed

and the new AMS bump steer adjustment kit

a comparison of the AMS Bump steer kit VS the original part

Interior all back together

a few shots of the wheels on the car

Ivo installing the Recaro seat

Justin and Ivo aligning the car

Doors back on the car

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