I am so tired yet so excited right now… All the hard work we have been putting in on the Gen Coupe is paying off.

For those that don’t know, the Genesis Coupe could not have been released at a worse time for us at AMS. We are right in the middle of several major builds. We have the drag car clone build, the Blue Deamon TA / street car build, the TA Evo X in 10 weeks build and of course our own TA-X build all going on. In addition to prototyping the Ralliart parts, BMW 1/3/535i parts, the R35 GTR parts and keeping up on all of our already released parts. To say we are swamped is an understatement.

Anyway…. here is the kicker…. NONE of the Genesis Coupe R&D or testing has been done during normal business hours. To help keep things on schedule, we have been doing everything after hours and on weekends. I would like to personally thank Tony, Greg and Nick for all spending many many hours after work and multiple 12+ hour days on the weekend helping this get done.

Well, all the efforts are paying off. We just got the car off the dyno and are VERY pleased with the results. We have eliminated the “corks” in the system and found the HP we knew was there.

Today we tested:

AMS prototype down pipe / mid pipe
AMS prototype secondary cat delete
AMS prototype cat back exhaust
AMS prototype intake silencer delete
AMS prototype front mount intercooler
AMS prototype intercooler piping kit
AMS manual boost controller

Our baseline dyno numbers on 93 octane fuel are 192 WHP and 219 lbs Tq (SAE corrected) with the 100% bone stock car, stock boost control and no tuning at all.

Today with JUST BOLT ON AMS prototype parts, we put down 212 WHP and 220 lbs Tq (SAE corrected) still on stock boost control and no tuning at all.

Well, the 20 WHP gain is quite nice but only 1 more lb of TQ??? What the hell am I so excited about (you might be asking)??? Well let me tell you. These are just PEAK numbers. To fully appreciate the gains you must see the dyno charts. With the stock turbo, you make peak Tq very low in the RPM range due to the boost rapidly falling off after hitting its peak. The gains we were seeing with the bolt on parts are at a higher RPM range. The gains in HP and Tq start at 3500 rpms and HP gains are consistently 20 WHP from 4000 rpms to red line. The Tq curve has flattened out quite a bit. If boost did not drop so drastically, I am sure we would see a VE similar to the Evo X motor where the TQ just stays flat and HP keeps climbing.

After the disappointment in the cat back and secondary cat delete dyno testing, I was confident that there was still a cork (or three) in the system and obviously I addressed those today. The difference in today’s dyno testing was the prototype AMS down pipe, prototype AMS intercooler and prototype AMS intercooler piping. One (or all three) of these items freed up the HP I just knew was there.

Now before you say “well, that was ONLY 20 WHP”, let me explain something else. As I have mentioned before, I believe that the Gen Coupe was not showing gains because we are not leaning on the car that hard. In stock form, this car is only rated at 210 crank HP. This is only 2/3ds of the Evo X rated crank HP. I have always had the opinion that if we were starting with 300 HP, the gains from bolt on parts would be more. Well……….. just to prove this, I TURNED THE BOOST UP with the AMS bolt on parts!!! Here is the proof.

With the 100% bone stock car and no tuning at all, we were able to run a peak of 18 psi dropping to 12 psi at red line (before hitting boost cut). We made 204 WHP and 249 Lbs Tq. (SAE Corrected)

With the AMS prototype bolt on parts and no tuning at all, we also were able to run the exact same peak of 18 psi dropping to 12 psi by red line. We made an incredible 236 WHP and 237 Lbs Tq. Again, peak Tq does not show the full picture as it happens well before the gains from the AMS bolt on parts.

That is 32 WHP gains from just the AMS bolt on parts at this boost level!!!! This proves that the stock components are choking the motor and the more you turn the boost up, the more the stock components are going to rob power. Now imagine the gains you would get from the bolt on parts at 300 WHP!!!

I hope you can all see why I am excited now. If not, the dyno charts Chris will post should explain everything.

P.S. Uncorrected (ACTUAL) numbers today were 241 WHP and 243 Lbs Tq!!!

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