TAX- 5-1-09 Update

We’ve made a lot of progress on the build the last few days. We’ve also unveiled the car at our open house meet last Sunday, here are some pics of the work leading up to the open house event:

Joe prepping the rear bumper for paint work

The team sanding the car down for the paint

Our make do paint booth

More prep work : masking and wiping the car down

On the way to our paint booth

Our dyno room fully converted into a paint booth

Final prep before paint

Shane and Corey mixing the paint

Shane checking the mixture

Corey adjusting the gun

The car after the first coat.

all done!

the car back in the fab area

Shane and Corey- the duo behind the paint work!

this is how the car looked like during our open house event Sunday

Monday Morning- the car back in our fab area…

The connection for the air jack system


Justin working on the adjustable swaybars

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