Results from SCCA T2 Summit Point National-AMS sponsored Evos

Results from Summit National by Marty Grand

Had a great time at Summit, was lucky enough to get the pole with a qual time of 1:22.3 with CJ right next to me with a 1:23. My hope was to get to T1 first and let the other 3 fast cars CJ, Kleeman and Seg battle it out while I slipped away. Well the plan worked out perfectly so I had a pretty easy day. CJ was in 3rd going into T1 as he got blocked out by Seg in his F body on the start, but soon after ran Seg down and regained 2nd place. He held Kleeman (350Z) off till near the end of the race but his brakes were leaking fluid and started fading on him. Kleeman dove inside of CJ just as CJs brakes failed enough for Kleeman to slip by. In pursuit of Kleeman, CJ set his quickest lap of the race, but it wasnt quite enough to catch the Z that late in the race. 2 out of 3 podiums (same as last year actually) so all in all a great Evo weekend!! Big thanks to AMS and TRE for giving me a great running set up!!]

1. Marty -Evo 1:23.690-track record
2. Kleeman -350Z- 1:23.804
3. CJ – Ev0- 1:23.950
4. Seg – Camaro-1:24.321
5. Hund – GXP- 1:24.305

CJ Moses Incar from Summit Point

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