Alpha Runs for the Record

As morning broke over the eastern horizon at Milan Dragway, near Detroit, the sun’s yellow rays fell upon the starting tower. Everything was covered in a light blue hue muting the vibrant colors of fall. The Alpha Performance Team along with their Diamonds by Wire driver Gidi Chamdi had arrived the night before to make a run at the GT-R quarter mile World Record.

Alpha G world record
Alpha Performance and Diamonds by Wire driver Gidi Chamdi straps in for the run at the record.

Track Conditions

“What’s the track temp?,” yelled AMS owner, Martin. “58 degrees” shouted shop manager Larry pointing the laser thermometer at the burnout box. Each team members eyes darted from person to person looking for any sign of confidence, any sign of hope. There was none to be found. The perfect track surface temperature is 110 to 115 degrees. If the Alpha Performance Team was to take a shot at the GT-R World Record they would have to do it in less than ideal conditions. As it turned out the cool temperatures were not going to be the only thing they would have to battle with.

Yellow Yellow Yellow Green

Alpha G, the nickname for their racing GT-R, was pushed out of the team’s transport. It was too cool to start. With some effort from the car’s lead Technician, Ricky, Alpha G showed signs of life. One breath then two, the cylinders popped. Steam was sent into the chilly air with each muted thump of the race car’s breath. Finally, she roared to life. Quickly the team added fuel and ice to their respective reservoirs. Gidi squeezed into the carbon fiber driver’s seat and buckled his harness. The Engine Calibrators made their final tuning adjustments. The race car pulled up to the tree. The lights on the starting tree fell like the leaves of the surrounding Oaks. Yellow yellow yellow GREEN! Alpha G burst from the starting line and veered over to the left side of the lane. Something was wrong.

Alpha G comes to life with the thump of each cylinder.
Alpha G comes to life with the thump of each cylinder.

Hard to the Left

As the Engine Calibrators studied the run data they discovered that the speed sensor on the driver’s side rear wheel was malfunctioning, disabling traction control. This problem was causing the race car to pull hard to the left when spinning. The evidence could be seen in the pattern left by the car’s tires on the track surface. “Do we have a spare sensor” Martin asked Ricky. He shook his head from side to side. We would have to look for an answer and fast. The Calibrators debated and came up with a solution. They made the changes to the tune. The team then looked to Ivan, AMS’ veteran race car driver, to suit up and test the car down the full length of the track. Ivan courageously stepped up. He would pilot the Alpha G for one test pass to make sure the car was safe for a run at the record.

The American Record

Ivan, who has more GT-R records than any other driver, climbed into the race car. He purposefully steered the car to the line. Yellow yellow yellow Green! Alpha G ripped off the line! The fix had worked. Ivan flew down the track like an arrow from a hunter’s bow. Straight and true, the team was excited. Then, the most unexpected thing happened. The clock lit up, 7.22 @ 205mph. Ivan had just driven the fastest a GT-R has traveled down the track in North America. The team erupted with excitement! Gidi would make the next run.

Alpha G world record
Larry puts Alpha G in the groove.

Ready to Make History

Gidi paced around the staging area. His pace, slow at first, became quicker as he mentally prepared to drive his Diamonds by Wire Alpha Performance GT-R well over 200 mph. Gidi was ready. Alpha G was ready. The team was ready. The sun had crept around the Milan Dragway tower and now shown straight down the entire length of the track warming it up. It seemed as if everything was starting to align. Gidi climbed into his rocket. He strapped on his Alpha Elite helmet. He cinched down his harness and connected the HANS device. Gidi pulled on his racing gloves, left first, then right. The AMS engine Calibrators loaded up their newest tune. Gidi pulled the car to the line. Larry helped place the car in the groove. Gidi slowly brings the car up to the pre staging lights. Next, the staging lights illuminate. The tree glows yellow yellow yellow GREEN!

Alpha G world record

A World Record Run

Alpha G’s Mickey Thompson slicks rip at the pavement on the track. The sidewalls fold on themselves as 2500+ horsepower twists the gold colored rims under massive amounts of torque. The car screams to a 1.21 60 foot. The board illuminates with the eighth mile time, 4.76. Unbelievable! Something was happening. The car skated down the lane. Gidi stayed in it. It felt like everything was happening in slow motion. The board illuminated again…7.14 @ 212mph. The team, watching with their hearts beating out of their chest’s, exploded with screams of disbelief at what they had just witnessed. They leapt into the air hugging and high fiving. It was so much to take in. Gidi piloting the Alpha G had just set the new World Record for a GT-R in the quarter mile. Diamonds by Wire and Alpha Performance were back on top of the world!

There are more world class teams on our heels. We have the record right now but our competitors won’t rest and neither will we. Stay tuned!

Alpha G world record run.
7.14 at 212 mph. The current GT-R world record.

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