AMS powered Evo from Denmark takes the crown again! 9.21 @ 162!

There are many cars all over the world that run AMS parts and put down some amazing results. Some however go above and beyond breaking barriers previously untouched by a car let alone a little 2 liter turbocharged Mitsubishi. Lars from Denmark is one of those people. Lars not only runs a very successful tuning shop in Denmark but he also campaigns the fastest car in his country! None other than an AMS GT42R powered EVO IX!

Last year Lars took 1st place honors in his country’s most prestigious race to crown the fastest car in Denmark. It’s an elimination race over the course of four days. So your need not just be quick but consistent and reliable! This season he had a SLEW of competitors looking to take his title. Lars and The LH Biler crew held strong though not only taking the event again but breaking the record again for the fastest car in Denmark! Running a blistering 9.21 @162MPH! Keep in mind the drag strips in Denmark are no more then abandoned runways…picture your local track with no traction and I think you get the drift.

On behalf of everyone here at AMS Congrats to Lars and everyone behind this record setting car. We could not be prouder to have you carry our flag on your car!

Click Here for the video and all the specs on The Crazy Dane!!

Feel free to visit the LH biler site as well at

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