Gates311: Evo X Reliability

Mitsubishi’s all new 4B11T engine in the Evo X has proven to be something special. I’ve had some great first hand experience with it, and I’m still amazed every time I drive the car. For the past two seasons I’ve been racing my car all over the US, starting with a brand new car to where it sits today, a 500+whp, 2,850lb. track car. The car has seen many changes…suspension, turbos, fuel type, weight, etc. But the one thing that’s remained is the stock Mitsubishi 4B11T engine. It’s been extremely resilient, even after 8,750 track miles it’s not showing any signs of fatigue. That says alot about the new engine and it’s design, but it also goes to show how the right choice of parts and tuner really comes into play.

AMS Performance has been preparing my car since day one, with their bolt-ons, tuning and general maintenance of the car. Road racing requires alot from a car, especially the engine. The engine is running wide open for 20-30 minutes at a time, with all the heat building up things can really go wrong. That’s where the right parts and proper tuning really matter. With AMS’ parts and tuning, my car has been exceptionally reliable, showing no signs of failure. Even now, with AMS’ Prototype Cast Manifold 750R Turbo kit on the car, it’s just as reliable on track, every time. The car is making well over 500whp, running upwards of 36-37psi, even revving to 8,200rpm and the stock engine just keeps on running as if it were stock. The 4B11T revs so smooth, even with all the power and we’ve added, some of the time I forget to think about it on track! There’s no weird noises, no sputtering, no knocking, it just runs like new…but with alot more power!

I’d really like to thank Mitsubishi for building such an incredible engine in the 4B11T and AMS Performance for safely extracting so much power out the 4B11T. Reliability is so huge in racing, if you can’t focus on the track because you’re constantly fighting issues, you will fall behind. Luckily with the 4B11T and AMS Performance, I’ve had great success with the car and look to continue moving forward.

Video: The car on track, getting completely thrashed on in 97? heat:


Here’s the latest graph – AMS Prototype Cast Manifold 750R Turbo kit on E85 Track tune vs. Stock

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