AMS / NOS Energy Drink Drag EVO: World Record Attempt!

AMS / NOS Energy Drink Drag EVO
World Record Attempt!

September 7th 2009
Union Grove, WI.

The AMS/NOS Team has been anxious to break the world record once again for the quickest EVO 8 after the last outing in Englishtown. With the crank trigger repaired the AMS/NOS Drag EVO was ready for action. The team headed to their home track, Great Lakes Dragaway (Da’ Grove) in Union Grove Wisconsin on Labor Day to make another attempt to break their record. The team met friends and customers at the track and the weather was beautiful.

On its first run the Drag EVO left the line hard but when shifting into 2nd gear driver Eric Jones realized the clutch was slipping and aborted the run but rolled through the traps at 11.5 @ 100mph. Eric brought the car back to the pits where a quick clutch adjustment was made.

The second run was being made as a test on the clutch adjustment. After an easy launch Eric continued down the track shifting easier than normal to test the clutch. As he short shifted into 3rd Eric was confident that the Exedy clutch was holding and he charged on down the track. Shifting into fourth gear the car began to misfire but Jones managed a 8.63 @ 167 mph. The team was surprised that such as easy run netted such a quick time and was eager to diagnose the problem. Another problem surfaced on the return road however. After loading the parachute Eric got back into the car but it would not shift into the 1-2 shift gate. Eric limped the EVO back to the pits.

In the pits the team went over the logs from the AEM engine management to determine the source of the misfire. The log revealed a voltage loss at the top end of the track. With time running out the AMS/NOS Team was forced to pack up for the day without being able to further diagnose the shifter linkage trouble or the loss of voltage.

The team is excited to get the car back up and running quickly as they know the car is destined to best their world record once again very soon!

AMS is the premier tuning/race shop for Mitsubishi’s and other high performance vehicles including BMW 135/335, Nissan GTR, Porsche 996/997 & Subaru STI/WRX. With 8 years of racing experience, it’s own in-house marketing/media staff, sales, fabrication, and service facility, AMS knows what it takes to be on top. AMS has accumulated over 40 victories in road racing and hill climbs in 2008, and looks to best that in 2009.

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AMS would like to thank our sponsors, without whom none of this would be possible:

Child Rescue Network
JE Pistons
NOS Energy Drink
Shepherd Trans
Vibrant Performance

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