**New AMS Product Release**AMS Nissan GT-R Downpipes

AMS Nissan GT-R Downpipes
The AMS Nissan GT-R 90mm Cast Downpipes are the largest, most free-flowing available on the market. During testing our shop GT-R with AMS upgraded turbos saw gains in the power band of 100 wheel horsepower and over 130 ft lbs of torque with this simple bolt-on!  Turbo spool-up was also improved by almost 400rpm!  Designed by our engineering team using Solidworks (3D CAD software) the inlet and outlets were designed to optimize exhaust flow.  Most other systems implement 76mm (3”) downpipes that can cause unnecessary backpressure. By using a larger 90mm (3.5”) primary pipe we were able to optimize exhaust gas flow, freeing up horsepower and improving spool time.
In addition our downpipes feature stainless steel cast construction allowing for improved exhaust flow and OEM like reliability, an attribute previously unattainable with the competitors sheet-metal, handmade units. With unrivaled fit, finish and performance the AMS Nissan GT-R 90mm cast Downpipes will easily support any future modifications.


  • Large 90mm (3.5”) primary section for optimal exhaust flow
  • Cast downpipe inlet and outlet for unparalleled power and OEM like reliability
  • Precision Tig welded
  • Available with or without a steel core high flow catalytic converters
  • Stock like fitment with no chassis clearance issues
  • Bolts up to the stock mid-pipe or most  aftermarket systems
  • Includes gaskets and hardware
  • Unrivaled fit and finish

Kit Includes

  • Two 90mm AMS Cast downpipes
  • Downpipe bracket hardware


  • Without Catalytic Converters
  • With Catalytic Converters


  • 100% 304 stainless steel cast inlet and outlet
  • 100% 304 stainless steel center pipe with .049” wall thickness
  • Steel core 90mm stainless steel catalytic converter (optional)
  • 1/2″ thick stainless steel flanges


  • 2009 and up Nissan GT-R
  • Fits all USDM Models, European and JDM models not yet tested.

EMISSIONS STATEMENT: Federal and many state laws prohibit the removal, modification or rendering inoperative any part that affects emissions on motor vehicles used on public streets or highways. Many Automotosports parts are designated for track use or off-road use only. Installation of certain components may bring the vehicle out of compliance with safety and/or emissions standards. Automotosports recommends that vehicles with parts designated in this fashion not be operated on public roads. Automotosports customers are responsible for complying with applicable state and local environmental regulations.

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