AMS Mobile Flashing Solution Comes to you!

AMS Ralliart Base Flash

AMS Mobile Flashing Solution Comes to you!

Finally a solution for those of you that would like to flash your car but DO NOT want to send out your ECU. I am proud to announce a new addition to our flash services that comes directly to YOU! Previously if you wanted one of our tried and true, extensively tested, safe and high horsepower tunes for your car you either had to send your ECU directly to us or spend hundreds of dollars on equipment you most likely would only use once!

Now those of you with mildly modified cars need only pick up the phone to receive our special flashing kit which will be mailed directly to your door. Included in the kit is everything you need to flash your Ralliart or EVO X ECU, complete with detailed instructions that ANYONE can follow.

The best part of all is that it won’t cost you any more than a regular base flash from AMS would! $495 covers the price of the flash and shipping to and from your residence, and we even include a free shipping return label so that you can just drop the system back in the mail at your nearest local shipping depot. (There is a deposit required for the equipment which will be returned to you immediately upon the equipment’s safe arrival).

In order to get your hands on this new offering from AMS you need to call in so we can schedule your shipment. (847) 709 0530

The service is currently available for:

2009 Mitsubishi Ralliart Turbo
2008-2009 Mitsubishi EVO X
2008-2009 Mitsubishi EVO X MR

This will gain you between 50 and 75 horsepower and 30 to 80 ft lbs of torque depending on your specific car and the modifications that are currently installed! More information about your specific vehicle is available when you call in to schedule your shipment.

This means there are now three ways you can get a little AMS inside your ECU:

1. Mail your ECU, we take care of the rest and all you need to do is plug it in!
2. We mail you a compact flashing system so that you can flash your car at home with no down time!
3. You can contact me via email and I can send you a calibration which you can use with the very popular Tactrix cable.

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