AMS Prototype Billet Turbo Testing Preliminary Results!

We have completed our first round of testing here at AMS with our 996TT x50 car. Our primary test subject is our new bolt on turbo. This Turbo is a brand new aero design with extended tip technology and a 46mm inducer.

We have been tearing into this car to see what its made of, and we will be testing everything along the way to make the absolute most out of these cars. Since our car is an x50 car from the factory, it came with the k24 turbos and made some pretty respectable numbers right away. Completely stock the car put down 450whp as can be seen in the dyno chart which is attached. The mostly stock car which now pumps out 550whp has ONLY the following parts:

AMS Prototype K16 billet turbo upgrades
Cross Titanium Exhaust
5 bar fuel pressure regulator
Flash from Tony @ EPL

The car is currently in 2 wheel drive mode on our Dynojet. Even with some creative strapping techniques, I was unable to get the car to keep from spinning the wheels in fourth gear. So I did a couple runs in fifth gear and it made over 600ft lbs of torque!

If you are keeping score, that means that this current turbo combination:

-Spools faster than a k24 turbo
-Makes 140+ ft lbs of torque more than an X50 car
-Makes 140+ hp more than an x50 car
-Is totally maxing out the stock injectors!

The car is completely out of fuel and is even a bit dangerous to be testing at this boost level between 1.3 and 1.4 bar. The car DESPERATELY needs fuel injectors. By my calculations the injectors are static (100% + Duty Cycle) at 5200rpms! All of that spent exhaust gas is pushing through a stock k16 turbo exhaust side, which is a huge restriction at this point and most likely plays a large part in the shape of the horsepower curve past 5500rpms. We will be continuing our development and testing with these turbos and some new variants in the very near future. The car should also be making it to the Texas mile in a few weeks!

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