**AMS Product Release** AMS F1-I Intake Manifold

AMS F1-I Intake Manifold


The AMS EVO VIII/IX F1-I Intake Manifold was designed to outperform every 4G63 manifold available including our own VSR. We referenced many modern design examples and engineering studies to bring you the best intake manifold ever made for the EVO VIII/IX.

For the past 3 years the AMS VSR has been the standard to which all other manifolds were compared. For the F1-I the plan was simple, to take our already power potent VSR and make it even better! Designed and prototyped in house by our team of engineers the new AMS F1-I Intake Manifold now features cast aluminum construction for added strength. Casting this manifold also allowed us to optimize the output of the manifold with larger bell horns, larger plenum, and matched cylinder port angles.

In preliminary testing the plastic/fiberglass F1-I prototype was tested back to back against the AMS VSR. At only 15 pounds of boost the new design made an additional 15-17whp horsepower across the board! 5% gains were seen throughout the ENTIRE POWER BAND!


  • Cast aluminum construction for added strength
  • CAD optimized tapered runners, dyno tested for maximum results
  • Matched cylinder port angle
  • Large bell horns and plenum
  • Choice of throttle body bolt pattern


  • AMS F1-I Intake Manifold
  • Factory Mitsubishi throttle body and intake manifold gasket
  • Stainless steel intake manifold support bracket
  • Vacuum fittings
  • Custom made dip stick tube
  • All necessary hardware and detailed installation guide


  • Throttle body flange types: Stock Mitsubishi and Ford 4.6


  • Mitsubishi Evolution 8, 9
  • Fits all USDM, JDM and European Models

Please Note: Please indicate when ordering what throttle body you will run. If you want to run the 4.6 flange AMS recommends running the Boomba throttle body to keep stock like idle and drivability.

*Due to throttle body placement on the F1-I, the upper IC pipe may need to be modified. Proper throttle cable adjustment is needed to ensure 100% throttle opening. A throttle stop (available through AMS) may be needed for aftermarket throttle bodies.

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