Some more updates!

At AMS we pride ourselves on making the highest quality and most powerful parts on the market. This does not come easy but thanks to our highly qualified team and state of the art equipment we can make that a reality for any customer. One of the tools we use to achieve this goal is our portable CMM arm (coordinate measurement machine).

Our Romer portable CMM allows us to digitally plot any given area we are working with. By taking the arm and touching key points on the motor and the chassis we can digitally recreate the entire GT-R drivetrain in our CAD software. Why is this important? This allows us to make and design the best part possible using the given space constraints. The end result is a product that fits like stock, lasts the life of the car and produces the most power capable in that given area. Remember all that math in school that you thought you would never use in real life? Well we do smile.gif

In chuck’s case we are using this technology to create quite simply the best turbo kit available for the GT-R!

Here are some pictures of one of our engineers Drew Johnson plotting the GT-R engine bay on Chucks soon to be AMS powered 1000plus WHP GT-R!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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